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Labor Force & Unemployment Rate
The Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program provides the most recent resident Vermont Labor Force & Unemployment estimates. View monthly estimates of labor force, employment, unemployment, and unemployment rates for the state, counties, labor market areas (LMAs) and towns. Historical data from 1976.
Unemployment Insurance Reports
A variety of weekly, monthly and annual Unemployment Insurance Reports are available at Publications. Reports include statistics on claims, benefits, appeals, and trust fund balances.
Sex and Age by Employment Status
from Census American Community Survey More Census tables at American FactFinder.
Labor Force Characteristics from the Geographic Profile
The Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment contains information from the Current Population Survey (CPS) for States on the employed and unemployed by selected demographic and economic characteristics.
  • Sex and Youth Participation and Unemployment Rates from 1987 (HTM) (XLS)
  • Employment status (HTM) (XLS)
  • Agriculture and Self Employment (HTM) (XLS)
  • Full- and Part-Time Employment (HTM) (XLS)
More tables are available in the latest Geographic Profile.
Job Seekers & Job Openings
Find, by occupation or area, the characteristics of job seekers and wage rates of job openings at VDOL. Go to Labor Exchange Information.
U.S. Unemployment Statistics
Unemployment information for the U.S. or for other states or metropolitan areas can be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Local Area Unemployment Statistics home page.
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The latest update on economic conditions in the state. For the next release, view the release schedule.
News summary of unemployment insurance statistics for latest 4 weeks.
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