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State:  Vermont
County:  All counties
Industry Group: Elementary and Secondary Schools (naics 6111)
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608 employers found

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sorted ascendingEmployer Name  Address  City  State Employees

 Town of Braintree School Dist    Bent Hill Rd    Braintree    VT 20-49
 Town of Charleston School Dist    Center School Rd    West Charleston    VT 20-49
 Town of Granby School District    Main St    Concord    VT 10-19
 Town of Hartford School Dist    Highland Ave    White River Jct    VT 20-49
 Town of Maidstone School Dist    Main St    Concord    VT 10-19
 Town of Troy School District    Main St    North Troy    VT 10-19
 Town of Westfield School Dist    Vt Route 100    Westfield    VT 10-19
 Townshend Elementary School    Common Rd    Townshend    VT 20-49
 Townshend Kindergarten    Common Rd    Townshend    VT 10-19
 Troy School    Main St    North Troy    VT 20-49
 Tunbridge Elementary School    Vt Route 110    Tunbridge    VT 20-49
 Tunbridge Town School District    Vt Route 14    Tunbridge    VT 10-19
 Tutorial Center    Richville Rd # 1    Manchester Ctr    VT 10-19
 Twin Valley Elementary School    Route 100 N    Wilmington    VT 50-99
 Twin Valley High School    School St    Wilmington    VT 50-99
 Twin Valley Middle High School    Vt Route 100    Whitingham    VT 20-49
 Twin Valley Unified Union Sch    School St    Wilmington    VT 5-9
 Twinfield Union School    Nasmith Brook Rd    Plainfield    VT 50-99
 Twinfield Union School Dist 33    Nasmith Brook Rd    Plainfield    VT 50-99
 Two Rivers Supervisory Union    School St    Mt Holly    VT 10-19
 Two Rivers Supervisory Union    Route 103 S    Ludlow    VT 10-19
 Two Roads Academy    Pearl St    Essex Junction    VT 1-4
 U32 Middle & High School    Gallison Hill Rd    Montpelier    VT 100-249
 Underhill Central School    Irish Settlement Rd    Underhill Center    VT 20-49
 Underhill ID School    Village Grv    Williston    VT 5-9
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