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Labor Exchange Glossary, Notes & Data Limitations
Labor Exchange information is based on Vermont JobLink, a job match and workplace information service for employers and job seekers. Services are offered online through self-service accounts and by staff in our Resource Centers.

Jobseeker: An individual who has used VDOL job services, either online or at a Resource Center.

Jobseekers Served: Number of jobseekers assisted by staff over a period of time, based on the date of the most recent service. Does not include jobseekers who have used services available online but never been assisted by staff.

Jobs Listed: Number of job openings listed by employers over a period of time, based on the date the job was listed. Includes jobs listed directly online as well as those listed with staff assistance.

Jobs Filled: Number of jobs filled through staff referrals over a period of time, based on the date the job was filled. Does not include jobs filled through direct contact between jobseeker and employer from information supplied online.

SOC: Standard Occupational Classification - a system to classify the activities of a job. O*Net SOC, a more detailed extension of the SOC, is the code actually used in JobLink. SOC is used here for consistency with other LMI occupational information. Read more about these coding systems at SOC codes or O*NET SOC codes.

Substate Area Information: County, Labor Market and Workforce Investment Board area information is based on the zip code, where usable, otherwise the Resource Center (RC) location. Resource Center information is based only on the Resource Center location. Unspecified area information is where both the zip code and Resource Center location are unusable.

Frequency of Updates: Normally, Labor Exchange Information is updated the first of each month. With each update the time period ending month changes to the month prior to the current month.

Data Limitations: The Office of Labor Market Information maintains this web site to enhance public access to information collected at VermontJobLink. Please be aware Labor Exchange information has not been edited or reviewed for accuracy by LMI, though LMI will make every attempt to correct errors brought to our attention. Users should also be aware that the information is only representative of VDOL clients and may differ significantly from the comparable universe. The Vermont Department of Labor assumes no responsibility for actions taken, personal, legal or otherwise, based on this information. State of Vermont Department of Labor