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 511110   Newspaper Publishers     46  
 511120   Periodical Publishers     32  
 511130   Book Publishers     23  
 511140   Directory and Mailing List Publishers     1  
 511199   All Other Publishers     30  
 511210   Software Publishers     76  
 512110   Motion Picture and Video Production     32  
 512120   Motion Picture and Video Distribution     1  
 512131   Motion Picture Theaters (except Drive-Ins)     26  
 512132   Drive-In Motion Picture Theaters     1  
 512191   Teleproduction and Other Postproduction Services     7  
 512230   Music Publishers     2  
 512240   Sound Recording Studios     18  
 512290   Other Sound Recording Industries     2  
 515112   Radio Stations     56  
 515120   Television Broadcasting     28  
 515210   Cable and Other Subscription Programming     16  
 517311   Wired Telecommunications Carriers     22  
 517312   Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)     53  
 517919   All Other Telecommunications     59  
 518210   Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services     38  
 519110   News Syndicates     3  
 519120   Libraries and Archives     191  
 519190   All Other Information Services     27  
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