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June 2021 Unemployment and Jobs Press Release
July 16, 2021
"Unlike the decline, which was sharp and abrupt, the economic recovery continues to slowly gain back what was lost.  The size of the labor force and the number of filled positions in the Vermont economy continue to grow.  Vermont businesses are reporting high levels of open positions.  No matter the job market, finding work can be a full-time job. Even in a good hiring market, job seekers may face challenges that make it difficult to find and accept work.  The Vermont Department of Labor's field staff are operational in both physical and virtual settings.  These services can assist job seekers in making the right connections with employers and finding successful employment.  Please visit our website to learn more,  Lastly, please be careful about unsolicited inquiries seeking your personal information.  There are a lot of fraudsters out there trying to take advantage of Vermonters in need."
Michael Harrington
Labor Commissioner

Labor Force Estimates, seasonally adjusted

Schedule of Upcoming Unemployment and Jobs Press Releases through January 2022.
What's new?
  • Alternative Unemployment Rates:   3rd Quarter 2020 - 2nd Quarter 2021 Averages
    Alternative measures of the unemployment rate that are more narrowly or broadly defined than the traditional estimate. Available at Unemployment.
  • Unemployment Weekly Report - July 22, 2021
    Find the latest information on claims, unemployment insurance statistics and unemployment rates for New England states and the U.S.  This and more UI reports are at Publications
  • Wages, Benefits, Contributions and Employment by Industry - 2020
    Covered Employment and Wage information is combined with Unemployment Compensation Benefits in this UI report available at Publications.
  • Quarterly Workforce Indicators - 3rd Quarter 2020
    QWI Explorer reports various economic / demographic measures for Age, Sex, Education, Race and Ethnicity groups. Produced by U.S. Census, Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics.
  • Gross Job Gains and Losses - September 2020
    Gross job gains exceeded losses in September 2020 resulting in a net increase of 14,810 jobs, as Vermont started to recover from the effects of the global pandemic. (table, graph). See all of Vermont graphs and tables at Business Employment Dynamics. Also available, annual March to March gains and losses from 1994 to 2020.
  • Per Capita Personal Income for VT & US - 2020 in Current Dollars and 2019 in Real Dollars
    Vermont's 2020 Per Capita Personal Income in Current Dollars was $58,650, a ranking of 19. In Real Dollars, Vermont's 2019 PCPI was $49,038, ranking 31st. Charts and data available at Wages & Income.
  • UI 20 Year Statistical Record 2000-2019
    A report on the Vermont Unemployment Insurance Program showing trust fund, benefit, wage information and more.  This and more UI reports are at Publications.
  • Unemployment Compensation Statistical Tables - 2019
    Find tables on initial claims, weeks claimed, unemployment compensation payments and more, all based on the Vermont Unemployment Insurance Program.  This and more UI reports are at Publications.
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    2021-2022 Edition
    2021 Edition
     November 2020
    * Minimum Wage *
    Minimum Wage Increases to $11.75 for 2021.
    Vermont's minimum wage rate will increase to $11.75 per hour from the current rate of $10.96 per hour, effective on January 1, 2021.
  • 2021 Minimum Wage Poster
  • Oct-27-2020
    * Data Releases *
    Unemployment and Jobs Numbers - June 2021
      - Labor Force and Unemployment:  Data Tool / Report.
      - Nonfarm Employment:  Data Tool / Report.
      Prevailing Wage rates required under the Capital Construction Act for state construction projects have been updated and are effective from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.
      Note: New Registered Apprentice Rates
    The 2018-2028 Long Term Occupational Projections for Substate areas are now available. Find the top occupations in growth, openings and by required level of education.
      - 2018-2028 Long Term Occupational Projections
      Occupational Projection tables
          - Statewide HTML | XLS
          - Burlington-South Burlington, VT Metropolitan NECTA HTML | XLS
          - Northern Balance Of State HTML | XLS
          - Southern Balance Of State HTML | XLS
    Preliminary estimates of Covered Employment averaged 283,470 for the year 2020. Also released, 4th quarter and revised 2020 1st - 3rd quarters.
      - Covered Employment and Wages Tool
      - 2020 Year To Date
      - 2020 Size Class tables
            by Establishment
            by Firm
    An interactive tool comparing male/female employment and earnings ratios.
      - Earnings and Jobs by Industry and Sex
    Latest estimates of employment, hourly and annual wage rates for over 600 occupations.
     - Vermont
     - Burlington-South Burlington, VT Metro NECTA
     - Northern Vermont Balance Of State
     - Southern Vermont Balance Of State
     - OES Area Map
    * Quick Stats *
    Unemployment Rate
    Seasonally Adjusted
    Vermont 3.1 3.0 7.7
    New England n/a 5.8 12.2
    United States 5.9 5.8 11.1
    Next Vt release:
    August 20
    Consumer Price Index
    United States
    Index 271.696 269.195
    Annual % Chg 5.4 5.0
    10 year table Inflation Calculator
    Next release:
    August 11
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